How to dress like a Spaniard...

Conversation in class: (these are direct quotes, this IS why I love my job) Student: "Señora, can I ask a random question...(note, no pause was made for me to answer "no" and continue with my lesson)...why do you sometimes look like you are from another country?"

Me: "Haha (yes, I laugh out loud at them more often than not, don't judge my teaching style), what do you mean?"

Student: "Well, like, somedays you look like an american and other days you wear scarves.  Are you from London or Canada or Spain or something?"

Me: "Point taken, haha no I am from Maryland".  "Ok chicos, back to our notes".


However, this little philosopher (aka curious student) started to make me think about Spain and how people dress so darn well there.  Then, I googled "How to Dress in Spain" and came upon a hilarious blog written about the topic. Check it out!


How to dress like a Spanish lady:

Step 1:  Wear a scarf.  Always.  Even when it is 89 degrees out and you are fanning yourself on the bus.  Never take off scarf!  (note: always bundle up way more than appropriate and never sweat)

Step 2:  Have a hilariously embarrasing house dress that you come home to put on.  My friend's husband calls her version of this her "matapasiones" (passion-killers).

Step 3: NEVER wear flip flops, white sneakers, shorts, hoodies or t-shirts.  Unless they are trendy and cool, of course!