Wanderlust Friday {El Camino de Santiago}...


Last night we watched the film made by Martin Sheen and Emilio Esteves about El Camino de Santiago. "The Walk" was a great scenic film chronicling the story of a man who becomes a pilgrim in the Camino de Santiago to honor his son, an adventurer who died suddenly. Now, all me and my hubby can think of is how to do El Camino at some point in our lives. It looks like such a beautiful way to reflect and relax in nature. Read more about the UNESCO sight, it's truly incredible!

Have you ever done it? I would love to hear all about the adventure! Happy Friday. M

Cute Guy with a Stroller...

It's not often you read a blog where the wife writes an ode to her valiant hubby. Well, it's time ladies, this is happening! Every morning the handsome fellow I married takes little lady to daycare and braves the gridlock and aggressive drivers without a complaint. (well, not too many!).

(As I discovered today, "drop off" of the sweetest, smiling little girl produces a large hole in one's heart similar to what I imagine was felt when my parents dropped me off at the airport to study abroad in college for 6 months. Note: I usually do "pick up", sooooo much easier.)

And he looks real cute pushing a stroller. See below.

So that's all for today. Thanks sweet hubby. You are great.


Handmade Valentines!

The best way to spread a little Valentine's Day love this year (for me) is to make my own Valentines like the good old days (circa 1990).  I will be sharing this joy with my Art and Spanish classes on Monday at school too to remind the little gremlins that a handmade gift can mean just as much as a purchased one. Check out the latest designs that I whipped up tonight while the hubby played video games :)

Dream Date in Baltimore

Today's Daydreams lead me back to August when the hubby and I went to a little place in Baltimore called "The Black Olive". Tucked away in Fells Point, off the beaten path, this place surely surprises its guests with fresh produce on the menu, a display of fresh caught seafood, and a BEAUTIFUL patio out back that makes you feel like you have died and gone to Greece, Italy or somewhere on the Mediterranean.

The Black Olive also features an Inn (adjoined) that has become LEED certified and is a GREEN Building. Super Cool!