Art: 10 female artists you need to know about

In an effort to share the work of more women artists in the world, I am sharing my favorites today. I am totally inspired by my new instagram favorite called @artgirlrising, which aims to share notable women in the arts so that people can name more than 5 of their favorite women artists in conversation. (More than just Frida, O'Keefe, and Helen Frankenthaler.) 

For more amazing t-shirts celebrating women in the arts that you MUST KNOW.   Click here.   

For more amazing t-shirts celebrating women in the arts that you MUST KNOW.  Click here.  

Carmen Herrera from Art News.

Carmen Herrera from Art News.

Carmen Herrera is one of my favorites!  I love her late bloomer story and how she has dilligently worked at her simplistic and relaxing painting over the years.  Also, she is Cuban so obviously I love her.  Her famous quote "don't be intimidated about anything" is one of my favorites to remember and repeat.  Also, her first show made me cry at the Whitney Museum of art.  And she had to wait until she was 100 years old to get it.  So, keep painting if you are doubting yourself.  Also, watch this Netflix documentary.  

Amy Sherald.  If you haven't heard about Amy Sherald, you have been living under a proverbial rock.  She is the recently super famous artist who was commissioned by former First Lady Michelle Obama to paint her portrait.  Her work is fresh and breathtaking and unique and I LOVE HER.  Listen to her interview with The Jealous Curator on her podcast "Art for your Ear" here.  

One of my favorite Joan Mitchell paintings.  

One of my favorite Joan Mitchell paintings.  

Joan Mitchell.  If you love abstract expressionism (think DeKooning or Pollack), then you love Mitchell.  I love her work because it is full of movement and feeling and strong emotion. Also, she loves the color blue and for that reason alone I cannot stop staring at her work.  I love you Joan.  

Eva Mendieta.  If you like performance art and crazy expression, then Eva is your lady.  She is wonderfully different and refreshing and totally bonkers.  You need to check her out and immerse yourself in her breathtaking work.  

Yayoi Kasuma is such a badass and has totally embraced our culture of "selfie" obsession. Check out her work, lest you dare braving the selfie obsessed millennials in line.  Her sculptures are conceptual, interesting and full of dizzying movement and space.  I love her fashion as well, she really matches her work so nicely.  

Mary Cassatt.  I love a gangster lady who fights her way into the circles of tradition and men.  One such lady is Mary Cassatt, who is a famous impressionist and who didn't let the world of art saturated by men of her time overwhelm her.  She explores the role of mother daughter relationships in her beautiful paintings and you should read more about her here and here.  

Louise Nevelson.  Nevelson's work is full of structure, movement and shape.  Her sculptures are famous for being collections of objects that are painted in monochrome colors.  I love the found-art movement and I love her unique work.  Plus, she is rumored for being a total ball-buster, which is pretty awesome, too.  

Lee Krasner.  You might recognize her name from her famous husband, (Jackson Pollack) but Lee Krasner's work speaks for itself.  Her wild abstracts, part of the abstract expressionism movement, are both joyful and passionate, angry and untamed.  Read more about her here.  

Faith Ringgold.  Best known for her writing and narrative quilts, Faith Rinngold's work is beautiful and tells such amazing stories.  Her work is highly influential in the civil rights movement and fight for equality among African Americans. Additionally, she fought for collaboration, storytelling and celebrating tradition in her work.  I LOVE HER WORK!  

Beatriz Milhazes. This Brazilian artist paints in such a colorful, lively and beautiful palette and I cannot get enough of her work.  Her work is compared to a kaleidoscope of color, which i just adore.  You cannot stop looking at her paintings in real life and they really engage the viewer.  Check her out!  

Painting by Beatriz Milhazes.  

Painting by Beatriz Milhazes.