Behind-the-scenes: The apps that I swear by for running a small business.

Apps by for entrepreneurs and small business owners: 

As a mom, small business owner, volunteer leader of a group of growing creatives (TuesdaysTogether NYC) and contractor for an amazing start-up in San Francisco, streamlining, efficiency, and organization are really vital aspects of running a relatively stress-free life.  I have discovered a few apps and programs along the way that have completely saved me and I wanted to share them with you today! 

Note: I am not being paid to share any of this information with you.  I just like to share what I have tested hopefully help out another busy or stressed out small-business owner.  

photo by  Laura and Rachel Hernandez  from the Rising Tide Society Leaders' Retreat in January 2017 at Honeybook's HQ in San Francisco, CA.  

photo by Laura and Rachel Hernandez from the Rising Tide Society Leaders' Retreat in January 2017 at Honeybook's HQ in San Francisco, CA.  

For social media organization: Planoly

Planoly has completely changed the way I see and use my social media.  I have become more cohesive in my messaging to my followers, my feed is more organized, and I can think clearly about what my weekly work will look like in advance, which is so helpful as a mom.  They are a lovely company and their customer service is LEGIT.  Go check them out.  

For business workflow: Honeybook

As a contractor for Honeybook, I am continuously amazed at the high quality of service that this workflow tool for creatives offers to their incredible and growing community.  When I began using Honeybook, it seemed too good to be true to have invoicing, contracts, billing, taxes and financial tools all integrated into one software that was attractive, customizable and easy to use.  And when I say user-friendly, I mean it.  It's intuitive and so streamlined and simplified.  I love it! 

For my website: Squarespace

I can honestly tell you that what I love most about my website is removing the guess-work in building my site.  I have such a limited time as a one-woman-business-owner and I want to be able to capitalize on my work as an artist when I can.  So, using the clean, well-designed templates that Squarespace has to offer has saved me time, frustration, and has given me the freedom to focus on other parts of my business as it grows.  

For finances and taxes: Quickbooks

I have learned so much about finances and managing money from running my business and it's all thanks to Stephanie at Steadfast Bookkeeping and Quickbooks.  I was originally very hesitant to master the money management aspect of my business, but I am thankful for this intuitive and user-friendly tool that syncs with my Workflow Tool to simplify my finances and help me to budget for future years of Art by Megan.  

For time management and scheduling: Calendly 

I have recently implemented using calendar appointments into my business in order to streamline my Admin days and allow for complete days of creativity in my studio.  If I can schedule 5-10 calls on a Monday, I know that the rest of the week I can remove the distraction of admin tasks and to-do lists and create, paint and experiment.  Freeing up my mental space for creative moments has been a HUGE lifesaver, and I am thankful for the email integration that Calendly offers.  

Let me know in the comments below what tools you use to help streamline your life and business! I am always on the hunt for something to give me more free-time with my loved ones or to paint, paint, paint.  Really, I just want a clone of myself so that I can paint all-day and she can run the business.  Is there an app for that?  



My favorite Apps for Small Business