2018: The Year of the Megan*. (*Insert your name here.)

I have been using Lara Casey's Powersheets for 2018 and I have been amazed.  One of the hardest challenges for me in this goal-setting workbook and planner has been pondering and deciding upon a "word of the year".  Its hard for me to set concrete goals for myself, hold myself accountable, not to overcommit, and to think long-term about myself and my business. So, I have been racking my brain for what I really need to focus on.  And it has finally popped into my head!!! 

For the word of the year this year, I have chosen one that makes me really happy but also kind of want to cringe a little bit. 

Want to hear the word?

It's Megan.  (Note: You can feel free to choose this word, or replace it with your own, too.  Especially if you are a person who needs to finally put yourself in the picture without abandon.)

photo by Me. 

photo by Me. 

A little story...

One of my best friends in Brooklyn is a "mom-bestie" from Ireland.  She is hilariously funny, hates drinking tea (omg! is that even possible!?) and doesn't drink coffee (i don't honestly know how we are even friends, really!) but makes up for it in amazing company, jokes and her love of red wine (see, I told you, we are soul mates!).  Well anyways, my new friend told me something so wise once when I was frazzled and overwhelmed with life and art career and motherhood and all of the rest.  I was battling how to say yes to everything and how to "balance it all", which, if you read this blog, you know I hop on my soapbox about from time to time.  (Check it out here on Creative Empire Podcast to hear about it!) 

She said, so simply, "Just tell them, it doesn't suit".   

And then she smiled at me like she had just shared the biggest secret to life of all.  I was floored.  I could just tell people "It doesn't suit" and not feel badly about it afterwards?  Wouldn't they need answers or excuses or reasons as to why it doesn't suit?  Come on, Sinead, I thought to myself.  Then, I started to think about it.  We don't have a nice equivalent to "it doesn't suit" in American English.  We say "I am sorry" or "I can't", but we don't say "it doesn't work..." as often.  I love this phrase!  It takes the situation to the 3rd person and no one gets their feelings hurt.  THIS IS HUGE! 

So, anyways.  Cheers to 2018.  I am choosing priorities and if I start to say "it doesn't suit" with a tiny Irish accent more often, you know who to blame.  

I am choosing to prioritize myself this year.  It's time.  I hope you will choose the same.  Life is short and there's no time for second-guessing or doubting our intuitions.  Radical thought: it might just change the world if we all start saying yes to amazing things, "No" to the things that don't suit, and helping other's with all of the leftover energy we have!  

Also, listen to this song by Marc Anthony or my favorite by Celia Cruz if you need help.