Painting classes with Art by Megan

I love teaching and during my transition from full-time High School teacher to full-time artist I missed the teaching part of my life A LOT!  

Recently I have started to teach painting classes ("Abstract Oceans" and "Abstract Petals") at Kristen Coates Gallery in Newport, RI.  I just love watching hesitant adult artists turn into confident beginners in the course of an hour or two, it's so much fun and empowering.  Plus, there is champagne and that always helps too.  

Here are some photos that my awesome friend Kim of Kim Lyn photography took during my most recent trip to Newport for "Abstract Petals".   Kim, these photos are so gorgeous, you are such a talented photographer!  And I have begun to notice that I look like my sweet grandma when I teach + it makes me so happy! 

I would love to host a painting party someday in my future amazing backyard (Brooklyn problems) and am always up for an adventure, so contact me if you know of any fun opportunities!