Relationship Books

May's Book Club Book: "The Normal Bar"

I'll be the first to admit, that I was very skeptical when Jessie picked this month's book. ย I fear the self-help section of the library and often get giggly and immature about relationship books in general. ย However, "The Normal Bar" surprised me with its practical advice, interesting statistics and constructive, interesting ideas for increasing "normal" in relationships. What I found most interesting is that the advice that was intended for couples can be used in all relationships, including those at work. ย In my high school Spanish classroom, I deal with a variety of personalities with an even more vast variety of backgrounds. ย At times this can be frustrating but with new, refreshed eyes, one can see that all that needs to be done is to "establish a new normal" as this book suggests. ย With a standard of behavior, people (students) can learn how to accept their surroundings and work to achieve the standard set by that adult. ย It's all so intriguing!

What did you think, "book clubbers"?


Also, I loved the Book Club questions provided by the Normal Barย site and thought that I would share the answers to some of my favorite questions with you to get the discussion rolling.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not really. ย I think that there are "crushes" at first sight, but my definition of love depends very heavily on a long-friendship followed by more love. :)

Do you believe friends make good life partners and lovers?

ABSOLUTELY! ย I love my best friend.

Do you think sharing the same religious and/or political views really make or break a relationship?

I do not think that this is as important as similar life-perspectives. ย When people are of different religious backgrounds, they may still share the same perspective on issues that they consider important. ย Also, spiritual feelings can be very different between people of the same religion *I have seen this a lot among Catholics!. ย Political views are a little trickier in my opinion because people LOVE to talk about politics at dinner, parties, happy hours, etc. ย Sometimes its fun to debate, but both parties have to be interested in the debate (and debate fairly!) or it can kill a relationship, in my opinion.

Does money buy relationship happiness?

Nope. ย I sure hope not!

Do you believe it is OK to keep financial information from your partner?

I do not. ย But, I am not sure that this is part of establishing the "normal bar" in each person's relationship.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your relationship?

Prepare yourself for sappiness...

I love having a smiling person come home each day and seeing the reaction on my two year olds face.

I love having someone who consistently supports, believes in me, encourages me and challenges me.

The (other) most fulfilling thing is having a best friend who I also have a crush on, still...after a long, long time!