"Blogjacked": Mother's Day 2012 has been "Blogjacked" by Megan's husband and daughter to tell the world that she is an amazing Mother/Wife! So let me explain the significance of this "Blogjack" besides the obvious (Tell everyone on the World Wide Web that Megan is the best). I don't Facebook, Tweet, or blog. So I don't get that daily (sometimes hourly) chance to update everyone on all my thoughts and activities. Which means I can't update my status or hash tag (spelling/correct usage?) about how my wife is a Supermom/wife on a daily/hourly basis!

SO...this one time on this very SPECIAL DAY (Megan's first Mother's Day as a Mom) I will share with you all one of my thoughts and offer my wife the largest public display of affection imaginable...

Megan I LOVE you! You're a great mom/wife!

"Enough with the mushy stuff Dad, my turn! Mom this is baby, Thanks for being the best Mom. I appreciate all your hard work!" (Not bad for someone who is almost 1 year old. She got it from her Momma.)

So if this insight has not been clear my friend buddy the elf said it best when he said, "I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!"

Megan you are the best! Keep up the good work.


Your handsome husband and beautiful daughter

As for the rest of you get out of my head but keep on reading because wouldn't you know Megan is an amazing blogger and artist too!

I'd also like to thank my friend the webmaster for allowing this intrusion and his assistance.

Etsy - Love this painting!

On Etsy the other day, I fell in love with this painting and contacted the artist to learn more about her. Β I love the childhood nostalgia and memories associated with her pieces.

Details: Printed on canvas using archival pigment inks, this print looks amazingly like the original painting. It is printed on cotton canvas and is stretched over 3/4" pine stretcher bars. It measures 6"x6", is signed on the back and ready to hang.

Check out more of her work online at Β, which focus' on her portrait work. Β She is also getting ready to lauch a new series of work here,Β More about the artist:Β  My art is an extension of my life and as that has grown to include children so has my art. Since my childhood I dreamed of being an artist. I initially studied photography, the influence of which can be seen in my paintings. Much of my work explores the memory of childhood and how watching my own children influence the snapshots of these memories. The name, in fact, is inspired by my daughter’s love of a bird she named Kiki, and for her imaginary friend Polly. Polly no longer visits our house as she once did, but I try to keep the spirit of childhood, wonder and imagination with me in my Portland, Oregon studio.

A few fave blogs to check out...

Somedays there is nothing better than a little web surfing to find cute ideas for crafts, fashion, cooking, and life. Β So I turn to the ever trusty blog world to get a good idea now and then.

Today, I would like to share some of my favorites with you:

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