The Memory Project...

At my school, we do what is called "The Memory Project" each year.  Art students are assigned a photograph of a child orphan to create a unique and original artwork.  Students have drawn portraits, a gift that the orphans truly enjoy, for children of all ages from El Salvador, Burma and Indonesia for the past three years. The project was created by one generous man in Wisconsin named Ben Schumaker.  Each year Ben takes hundreds of pieces of art to children who live in orphanages around the world to present them with an original piece of artwork that they can call their own.  And students in DC love to create the art as well!  What a beautiful arrangement!

The favorite part of the project for my students is that sometimes they get a letter or a picture of "their orphan" holding the portrait that they created several months after the portraits were submitted for the school's deadline.  The students at my school love seeing the child's face smiling and holding their new portrait.

Take a look at this great website and video to learn a little more about the Memory Project.

Also, if you are an art teacher or know someone who is, please recommend to them that they take part in this amazing experience for their students.


Mosaic designs...

I am so drawn to the geometric, yet not quite perfect look of mosaics.  From Barcelona (In Parc Guell, Gaudi's wonderland) to the Moroccan influenced tiling in Spain to everyday mosaics that can be painted in bright hues or built from broken tiles, I love them all! Check out a couple inspirations from my googles and travels while I decide how and where to put my next Mosaic project...

How to be creative everyday...

As an art teacher and over all craft-project-obsessed person, I often imagine what would happen if I dedicated just a little time each day to a project just as I used to do as a kid to my coloring books and paper cutting projects. I found this great blog where the author does just this - dedicates 365 days a year to being creative!  I love it!

The author of the blog has also authored a book where he gives inspiration for creating something 365 days a year.  Oh Amazon, I cannot stay away!

Find it here on Amazon -

Many other artists have become inspired and are staring their own 365 day projects!

Check out a couple that I liked at: