"American Dervish" by Ayad Akhtar

Yesterday, I was listening to NPR and heard about a new and fascinating book written by an 20120119-215701.jpgMuslim-American author and his experiences growing up in Minnesota. The book is entitled "American Dervish" and profiles a young, Pakistani born boy who lives as the extreme minority in suburban Minnesota prior to 9/11.

Adding it to my "list of books to read in 2012". Have you heard of any other new books that I should add?

NPR Fresh Air Review

NY Times Review

Books + Charity Donations = Brilliant!

A friend sent me this link to We Give Books, an organization that helps people to donate children's books to the charity of their choice.  Check them out at Yesterday, I read a couple, but my favorite (it actually brought tears to my "ojos") was "Before you were born, mi amor"

More from their website:

We Give Books is a free website that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don't have them, simply by reading online.

Simply choose the charity you want to read for and then select the books you want to read. For each book you read online, we donate a book to a leading literacy group on your behalf.

The more you read, the more we give.


Things my beagle has taught me...

Yesterday afternoon, the little beagle and I spent some quality time on the back deck.  Him sniffing, me reading a book (aka the best afternoon ever!) and I began thinking of the little life lessons that he has taught me in our 3 year relationship thus far. 1.  Enjoy the small, less noticeable moments

2.  Take it all in and take a deep breath (or in his case, lots of small sniffing breaths)

3.  Sit outside and turn off the laptop / cell phone / tv (he never needs them to be happy!)

4.  The joy of food (you should see this boy eat dinner, its quite a show!!)

Thanks Frank, for being great.


Your non-beagle Mom

"Te echo de menos España" on Etsy

Etsy has a great feature called Treasury that allows its shoppers and users to create a shopping list of their favorite items, grouped together under similar themes or concepts.  Feeling the Spanish wanderlust yesterday, I started to look for some fun, cute and original "Spain/Spanish themed" homemade products on Etsy. Check out my  Treasury called "Te echo de menos España" (I miss you Spain) at the following link:

Que aproveche! (Enjoy!)

Friday, I'm in love...

I love those days when things go nicely as planned and when my job as a high school teacher is not as horrendous as it sounds!  :)  God bless FRIDAYS! A little thought for the weekend, yesterday I was at a coffee shop killing some time and found a note on top of the newspaper just sitting there asking to be read, by me (nosy!).

The website is actually really cool

I am a total sucker for other fellow daydreamers!

Have a great weekend everyone,